I need a holiday

May 9th, 2007

So let’s get the horrible cliche out of the way first: I need a holiday to recover from the holiday. Moving on: If I could find a job which paid me to take a holiday for the rest of my life, I’d take it. Yep, I’m a lazy bastard.

So I’m back in the usual start-of-term weirdness. I have the timetable that applied from after Spring Festival until May Day. One of my classes finished just before May Day, the others continue. I know there’s a new class that is in the process of registering and is about to start. In fact, they must have finished registering considering there are class lists posted on the noticeboard. But I have no new timetable. So I guess I just assume the old timetable applies until further notice.

In other words, I have nothing of any interest whatsoever to write right now. Move along please. Maybe sometime in the deep, distant future I’ll post something here that might actually be worth reading.

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