suan le

April 18th, 2007

So I said I’d write something about that latest article I downloaded from the Sino-Platonic Papers, but forget it, I think John and I already did all the ranting necessary in the comments. Can’t think of anything more to add.

And why am I even bothering to write this? Ummm…. dunno. Just thought I’d inform you all.

2 Responses to “suan le”

  1. John Says:

    Well, if you don’t make a note now, then your grandchildren, wanting to hear their favourite story from granddad’s blog, will be disappointed when you have to admit to them that you can’t remember what the story was about. “Something about sinuses and Pluto, I think,” you’ll say. But you’ll check your blog, and there the story will be.

  2. wangbo Says:

    If my memory’s that bad, I probably won’t remember my user name, password, or the address of the blog. I could print it all out now and store it away, but by the time I’m forgetting stories to tell the grandkids, I’ll have forgotten where I kept the dead tree version of the stories, too.