could this be true?

April 2nd, 2007

Are the French finally seeing the light? Is true civilisation finally reaching their shores? Or are the IRB and French rugby union just trying to make sure they manage to pull off the world cup?

This bit is interesting:

“Rugby is also being seen as a means of addressing one of France’s biggest social problems – the poor integration of young French people from Arab and African descent.

The virtues of strength, self-restraint and team spirit are being harnessed by France Rugbycite, an association that teaches rugby to teenagers in the grim, crime-ridden, suburban housing estates.”

Well, forgive my scepticism, but if soccer can’t do that, despite the rather “colourful” nature of the national team, I have my doubts that rugby will. Still, rugby does have its advantages over soccer, like its intolerance of professional fouls and greater emphasis on discipline, and the programme may well turn out to be a success. And the world cup may well prove a huge boast for the programme.

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