affordable housing

April 1st, 2007

Not much of the real estate developments being built in Beijing are accessible to the plebs that make up the overwhelming majority of the city’s population. In fact, the more expensive the development, the harder it is to find any Beijingers there. Anyway, it’s quite a serious problem, and the city government has been trying to do something about it, and this article is a good look at the city’s attempts to inject low-rent and affordable housing into the equation. Oh, low-rent is obviously rental accomodation, but by affordable housing I’m referring to housing built to be sold to lower-income households.

And an administrative note: It appears that this is becoming my main blog almost by accident. I started it to increase the number of blogs accessible in the mainland I have, but I don’t much like the situation I have with blogspot and canalblog, where I can blog all I like but I can’t see it without a proxy. I’m still looking at options…..

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